Edge of Reason


January 27th

Talked to Crab People
Dameon is a vendor that sells to Crab People
Crab man helps show how to open
Crab Fingers

We seek to return the Submarine to the bottom of the Bay
Levers are series of numbers
10 levers, need two people to use it
1 extend legs and rail
2 uncovers and covers porthole
3 Side portholes
4 extends pincers
5 snaps then
6 forward or backward
7 right or left
8 open or closes eyes (light in or out)
9 up or down
10 open or closes hatch
Moves 20ft/minute
2-3 can fit inside
Contact Crab People by dropping a few flowers weighted down, drop at the end of docks
Crab people backed into the water
Bottom of the coffee cup
Symbols that are a map
Address on bottom of cup: 95 Marguerite
Meet N @ the Taxidermy
Ado questions his life, his relationship with his mother, and doesn’t really understand the world as a whole on this shop visit
Leads us into door to an outside balcony
Myron recognizes N
Looks like the man the saved Delrick and froze all of us
N and Delrick have a plan to get us out via trap doors
Walk in the Tintaron Parade and attempt to join in battle
Delrick said Naes Carax has been helping them
Naes = N
Look for a red feather
At point of the Northern king forces, Delrick will take Argo. Once that beings, do what we can to distract
Night passes without incident
Morning of Festival
Tintaron state is buzzing with activity
Giant wheeled floats are everywhere
Argo walks up with full plate armor
Myron has arrows
Parade route
Argo sees fish monger looking suspicious
Quesvara’s did something that arnnoyed Argo Tintaron
Praying mantises
Men on bears come into the ring, controlled by many men
N Carax comes into the ring
Preparing for battle
Northern Army lines up
Tintaron army lines up
Argon Tintaron tied up and about to


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