Edge of Reason

4/27 | Black Cloak Island | DIstillery | Jenny


Interrogate dude slightly

  • There are a lot of more people up the way, I don’t know who you are, but I need to leave
  • “We are the ones who set you free*
  • The man with the backwards hands is the one that who you seek
  • The evil thing down below, he’s an evil project
  • Encampment in front of us
  • Edgar wants to get the frack off this island
  • “Facility with black crystal is in the middle of the island, another 40 in the barracks. Another 20-30 that work here. There is also the dog, it’s a big dog”
  • There are about 40 baddies
  • “What’s the dog!?”
  • Magical wolf, but worse, bargast is what Edgar knew it as.


  • Path: Right has runoff lake with strange but harmless animals, leads to main road
  • Explosives building
  • Map drawn

*Charge Forward?

  • Rest on ship?
  • Rest in forest?

>>>Leaning toward charge forward, ~40 people around

**Sitting on the path ready to make decisions

It’s mid afternoon, we move to rest for the evening

  • Scope out place to rest
  • Balin – 1st
  • Ado + Myron – 2nd
  • Karud – 3rd
  • Bastard – 4th

Balin’s watch quiet
Ado and Myron’s watch are quiet
Karud – gets up for 3rd watch, hears general animal noises and flashes of light in the distance
Bastard – Karud lets him onto the flashes of light, keep an eye out for it

1am – rise and shine
Everyone preps, rests, prays, meditates, and takes their time prepping

Karud, Ado, Tempe 60ft Darkvision

Several Paths:

  • Path: Right has runoff lake with strange but harmless animals, leads to main road
  • Explosives building
  • Map drawn

Decision time
“Edgar, do you know what that light was about?”
“We see them every once in a while, we think it’s some type of indigenous creature”
“The shard is in the center building… that’s where it would be”
Edgar: “There’s something I forgot to tell you, there’s a net that surrounds the building”

  • Move toward town
  • Karud thinks were wrong (crit 1

5 ft in the forest
~20ft from the net

Balin makes a lot of noise, Karud thinks we’re going the wrong way. Lots of noise coming from and animal buildinging (furthest away)

Karud hears footsteps stop, to the left of us
Pyre in front of the L shaped building
6 poles holdin gup the netting

*Thick Everglade-like shrubs everywhere
*Karud kneels in cover, waits for footsteps
man in the netting. Looks familiar, Karud sees him. Stops, waits for a bit, turns and begins to walk away from Karud

  • ~30sec between patrols of sneaky-time
  • Karud sneaks up to netting after next patrol passes
  • Myron casts silent image over where Karud is cutting
  • Karud rolls a 1 cutting net, cuts finger, drops dagger through netting
  • Patrol walks up to Silent Image (DC15), Karud hears footsteps right in front, dagger tip is poking through silent image
  • Footsteps continue passing by
  • Coup de gras’ net


  • We all pass through netting, behind silent image
  • Balin gets a 3 and falls over netting, making buku noise
  • Everyone else is in, behind the silent image
  • Black cloak swings sword to strike netting, misses The Bastard

Karud – 20
Bastard – 18
Ado – 13
Myron – 8
Tempe – 6
Balin – 1

Jenny – ?

Karud – swings to hit, misses
Bastard – swings, hits the first, misses the second attack
Ado – shoots arrow and misses

Missed arrow breaks the lock on the building with the strange noises, opens the door,

Jenny walks over
Ado and Myron notice a Llama
Llama lady grows a tail with a barb on the end

Black-cloak in front of the bastard hits Bastard for 8dmg
Noise of feet coming though the back of the compound

Karud cuts him open on the gut, intestines come out
Bastard – takes the whistle
Ado – Moves to
Myron –
Tempe – Moves to attack helpless guy on ground
Jenny – Spits in Tempe’s eye, tempe is blind in one eye
Balin – moves to front line and casts bull strength

ROUND 3***

  • Karud – In the house, it looks like the same Lighthouse Shard Brewing apparatus that we saw at Esteril (bad stuff, black shard)
  • Bastard – Moves to go into the house and sees distillery setup
  • Ado – Door closes in his face
  • Myron – Moves to side of building and finds another door
  • Tempe – Jumps on to a building
  • Jenny – LLAMA ARMY BEHIND (Llama, aka the land octopus) aka a Ll-army
    Ll-army moves pass Ado, ado doesn’t attack
  • Balin – CLEAVES THE SHIT OUTTA the first, cleans through to the second and snaps his spine in two

Black cloaks attack, large Dog with mange and red eyes

ROUND 4***

  • Karud – Slices into baddie in the house
  • Bastard – SMITES THE EVIL FROM HIS SOUL moves to the other baddie
  • Ado – Goes to hang out with the domesticated Ll-army
  • Myron – Whispers to team about the Side-door
    *Evil White-beard – Bastard feels the evil rushing though him
  • Tempe – Pounces and rips the throat out of a black-cloak
  • Jenny – Makes sexy-eyes at Myron, asks him to mount her
  • Balin – cleaves through two baddies

Mangey-Dog: stands in front of Balin, transports behind Tempe
Black cloaks

ROUND 5***

  • Karud – AoO on guy climbing up the aparatus
  • Bastard – moves around in the warehouse
  • Ado – Walks through Llama space, “Be cool Llamas!!”
  • Myron – Follows Ado into the room
    *Evil White-beard – Fears a lot of people
  • Tempe – Attempts to calm animal, does not work
  • Jenny – turns into a dragon-head
  • Balin – Nat20 to hit, dmg is (23×3)+4 for 73 damage

Mangey-Dog: stands in front, head mostly off, transports onto the roof and summon two dogs

Karud -

  • Bastard – Smites some serious evil, knocks the shit of him into the wall. Stands back up,
  • Ado -
  • Myron –
    *Evil White-beard -
  • Tempe -
  • Jenny – Drinks black liquid and turns into a huge Llama
  • Balin -

ROUND 7***
Karud – runs away, tries to grab Edgars hand and
Bastard – No evil #Llama Drama
Ado – #BombALlama for 22
Myron –
White Beard
Tempe – Kills other guy

End of Combat***
Talking Llama in the building, come check it out…
Tempe and Balin go over to the door w/ Llamas

Karud goes to unlock the other door and sees 20 young-men in their dorm, bewildered
Karud says, “If you join us, this is your freedom”
Ado talks to Claude, “who are you”

Claude, “I don’t know who I am anymore, but I wanted to know what the black liquid was—what they died for”
- Claude wasn’t always a Llama
- Ado drops arrow
- Bastard says she’s not evil
- Thunder-lizards in the forest
- Llama lady was brought there against her will, knows the trails,


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