Edge of Reason

1/18 | SAIL ...to Atael


Sail to ATAEL

  • Heading to the Gnome world
  • Two days in, we see a dragon on a crag in the sea


  • Does not appear to speak draconic
  • Ado flies away (afraid)
  • Tempe Speaks with Animals, “What are you doing? We mean you no harm!”
  • DRAGON "What are these. I’m Hungry!
  • Tempe – Feeds Dragon some Pony’s
  • DRAGON “Are there more?”
  • Tempe – feeds Pony’s “There are more, but only if you mean us no harm”
  • DRAGON “That may work. What’s in your hold?”
  • Balin – now aboard the ship
  • Kill the DRAGON


  • Approach a volcanic island
  • See some small islands
  • Scooners approach us, cherry wood, Green Sails
  • Small figures (gnomes) on the boat
  • Surround us
  • Convey why they
  • Hill Wine and Stronger Cave Ale
    >> Hisneeck
  • Strange claw marks, stains, damage to buildings

Skubanobs (Bar/Tavern) -

  • Drink Cave Ale w/ a Mountain Priest
  • Karud tastes sour milk
  • Balin and Ado taste a fantastic floral drink
  • Mountain Priest speaks of a Temple that has been overtaken by a Creature
  • Priests trying to make Volcano erupt to restart



goodjoog goodjoog

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